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M2Communications agency in the final in two categories for the most prestigious award in the world

The M2Communications Agency has reached the final in two categories at the BEA World Festival – one of the world's largest event and live communications festivals, for the regional digital conference 'Western Balkan Digital Summit 2019', realized for the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The production of one of the most ambitious conferences in this region, held from April 3 to April 5, 2019 in The Palace of Serbia building, had various challenges, including the adaptation of the interior space of this monumental architectural building and cultural monument to a space that will fully respond to the requirements of this complex digital event.

This up to date technology and spectacular visual scenic effects have been put to the purpose of a rich program that took place in three halls at the same time. Part of the building's interior has been transformed into the first Immersive Room in the Balkans, a unique audio-visual experience that aims the viewer to ’immerse’ into a digital world. The event was complemented by humanoid robots and global stars, Sofia and Titan, who in many ways presented the potential of AI.

The most significant aspect of the conference is the signing of a regional Roaming Agreement. Over eighty companies came out with their visions of the future, with an important focus on presenting innovative ideas and regional integration.

The conference was attended by about 4000 participants and over 200 speakers from 30 countries, while over 370 members of the creative and production team worked on the organization of the event.

M2Communications, nominated for awards in the Congress / Conference and B2B > € 500 000 categories, will present its event from 28 to 30 November in Milan, bringing together agencies from thirty countries.

This is the second time that M2Communications made it to the finals of the BEA World Festival. Last year it won the bronze award as the only representative from the region, for the conceptual project "Mars Expedition" for launching the new BMW model X3.



Western Balkans Digital Summit 2019 from M2Communications on Vimeo.