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For the client Porsche SCG, we designed and implemented a digital campaign whose backbone is an interactive video called "CUPRA HERO", based on the convergence of the gaming industry and video technology.

The key medium of the campaign was the micro site cuprahero.rs, whose basic content is an interactive video of a competitive nature. Everyone who embarked on this unique interactive experience had the opportunity to choose one of the three characters offered - that is, "their" hero to the parkourist - as well as, in the race against time, choose their path and reach the finish line in record time. This type of campaign is a new type of digital experience applied for advertising and promotion purposes.

With the slogan "For all the brave who choose a different path", this interactive adventure aims to enable players in a fun and interesting way to choose the characteristics that feature a unique CUPRA DNA - be it speed, agility or strength.

The story that accompanies the interactive video also points to certain values ​​that each individual should promote in their life, regardless of the circumstances in which they find themselves. Sometimes the fastest way to the goal and using shortcuts is not the best way. That is why the CUPRA Hero story is intended for ordinary people, real heroes of everyday life, who behave in accordance with their own code and true values ​​and know how to choose their path.

The CUPRA Hero campaign was realized in cooperation with the production company NEO - New Entertainment Office. System Studio was in charge of micro website design and technical support, while our agency, in accordance with the set strategy, created an immediate user experience.

The CUPRA HERO digital campaign was also supported by a number of influential domestic influencers, whose lifestyle coincides with the CUPRA brand and for whom the car industry is an important area of ​​interest.

The success of the campaign is reflected in the results of raising awareness and drawing attention to the new model in our market. During the three weeks of the competition part of the campaign, over 36,000 unique visits to the micro-site cuprahero.rs were recorded, and the total number of those who played the interactive video and recorded the result was over 13,000 users.

"A brand like Cupra has brought a new style, approach and energy to the automotive industry. It has been a challenge for us to discover new, innovative forms of communication with the target group, as well as to provide inspiring incentives to consumers."

Slobodan Stefanović, Head of Event & Production M2Communications