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From Storytelling to Storyliving



The fact that, now more than ever, today’s modern world is constantly striving to be a part of a new, different experience to remember, is best illustrated by the incredible power of a great idea translated into a mesmerizing story.


It is no wonder that, since time immemorial, creative and talented people like poets and artists, as well as actors and movie directors of today, have always been the ones that people could rely on in their pursuit of a new world yet to be explored. The same is true for the world of marketing, which is based on an idea that customers should be given an opportunity to experience a new reality.


Modern events offer people an experience that engages all senses, with the aim of creating a more effective and deeper association between an individual and a particular brand. The very concept titled “From Storytelling to Storyliving” is pursued by M2Communications, one of Serbia’s most successful and most creative event agencies.


“eXpedition to Mars“, a creative project designed and implemented by M2Communications for BMW, which has won international acclaim, is the best example of a step forward in event organization, in addition to the use of avant-gardetechnical and production solutions. This event was a memorable and immersive experience for all its visitors, providing a powerful impact on competition in the automotive industry in a way they percept events of this kind.


“We were guided by our initial impulse and idea to design an extraordinary brand experience that will be different from everything people have been able to see or feel so far at events of this kind in the automotive industry. We believed that if we gave visitors an opportunity to become part of an exciting ‘space expedition’ and discover in an interactive and futuristic manner everything that the luxury BMW X3 model had to offer, success would be guaranteed … and this was exactly what happened”, says Miro Antić, the founder and chief experience officerof M2Communications.



“Shaping Memories”, a creative concept that accompanied the opening of a brand new luxury town, marina and hotel on the Adriatic coast – The Chedi Luštica Bay– inspired by unique motifs, indigenous legends and tradition of Montenegro’s Boka Kotorska Bay, was fully designed and developed by the Belgrade-based M2Communications agency.


The idea to showcase to more than 1,500 guests from all over the world the amazing natural beauty of the Luštica peninsula, carefully adorned by a brand new luxury resort in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings, culminated in a spectacular event which has already won the acclaim as the number one luxury event of the season.


“When designing and implementing such a complex project as The Chedi Luštica Bay, our vision was to combine great music and a breathtaking show with a narrative that will shape the visitors’ memories and provide them with quality interaction and sense of exclusivity”, the M2C creative team says.


Business & Luxury, Q3 2018

Spectacular Hublot event in Porto Montenegro

A spectacular event produced by M2Communications officially marked the partnership between Hublot and Porto Montenegro luxury marina.

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“Brand Experience Agency of the Year“ award goes to M2Communications

The “Luxury Travel Guide“ web portal has conferred its “Brand Experience Agency of the Year“ award for 2018 to M2Communications agency.

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eXpedition to Mars awarded with ATTEND Award

At the regional festival RSVP which is dedicated to the event industry, M2Communications won the ATTEND Award in the category of Best Product / Service Launch Event.

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