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BMW X1 brings in new Oktoberfest look

m2c | BMW X1 brings in new Oktoberfest look


Delta Motors and BMW presented a modern Oktoberfest look while launching the new BMW X1.



Against a re-designed Oktoberfest backdrop, a BMW X1 silhouette was barely visible, hidden behind light beams projected by the most sophisticated lighting systems. Hostesses replaced their traditional Bavarian attire with specially designed outfits. Visual effects and light show, which were used for the launch, resembled a science fiction movie scene, while the new X1 finally appeared to the house and drum’n’bass music of the “Perpetuum Mobile” cover band. The traditional Oktoberfest spirit was preserved with famous Bavarian pretzels, sausages, beer and toast raising.


The event was attended by more than six hundred visitors and numerous media representatives.

The M2Communications agency was in charge of concept design and event production.

“Driving Luxury“ – international training for new BMW Series 7, organized by M2Communications

The M2Communications agency organized for the Munich-based BMW Group AG a product launch training for the new BMW Series 7 and X1 models.

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Fiat Umbrella Street

The city of Novi Sad got the umbrella street, thanks to the new Fiat “cinquecento”.

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BMW Group selects M2Communications as partner in international project implementation

An exclusive training for the new BMW 7 Series, jointly organized by BMW Group and M2Communications.

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