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Expedicija na Mars #2


After long-term planning, extensive analysis and testing, the project enters its key phase. Finally, we can reveal the first details of our next mission.



Preparations for a historic expedition to Mars are in progress. The first samples of soil from the Mars southern hemisphere, collected by rover, arrived at our research facility. The construction of the first base camp on Mars is regularly monitored in the Mission Control.


After entering the orbit of Mars, the expedition predecessor, exploration shuttle Explorer 3, has sent the first photos of the 22km high volcano Olympus Mons. Olympus Mons is the talest mountain in the Solar System, almost three times higher than Mont Everest.


The first expedition to Mars will gather over 600 members, and the launch will take place on November 28th, 2017. at 20:00.


Follow us in an exciting mission of the Red Planet exploration!


M2C New Force

We are looking for an experienced marketing communications and event professionals on the positions of Client Relations Manager and Event Production Manager.

Is that you?!

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Toyo Tires Russia Roadshow & Event

Exclusive roadshow for the Russian branch of Toyo Tires company has been organized in Serbia and Montenegro.

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Porto Montenegro Circus Party

Unconventional party at the unique location of Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, ispired by artistic circus.

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