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HR World – Experience Design


What exactly is Experience Design, how does it work in practice and why is it important as part of modern business processes.


Why Experience design is important today and how it remains etched in the memory of consumers, writes Miro Antić in the new issue of HR World magazine, which through relevant texts by authors from various fields brings innovations and trends into the world of HR.



Experience design is an approach that aims to trigger events, define the design and characteristics of a product or service, redefine the process, create an environment or business strategy, and therefore should be seen as an integral component of all business and marketing activities. and, they shook markets and created strong businesses, because in developing their business they focused on creating a new user experience and transforming existing business models.

“Experience design is a powerful marketing tool, and understanding why our consumers/clients think a certain way and how they make decisions can help us create effective campaigns. Numerous psychology principles are used to maximize the effect of experience design.”


You can read the full text at the link:

HR World – Experience design

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