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“Creating Prestige” – Business & Luxury Magazine about M2Communications agency

m2c | "Creating Prestige" - Business & Luxury Magazine about M2Communications agency


The event industry is among the most attractive areas of communication with very promising prospects. Global event agencies are adopting innovative technological solutions and production similar to motion pictures, thus pushing the boundaries of creativity and raising standards of even globally known events such as the Met Gala, the Oscars or the opening ceremonies of the biggest sporting events.


The powerful influence exerted by the events industry becomes evident especially in the segment of luxury brands characterized by exclusivity, sophistication and quite often, rich history and tradition from which they derive their distinctiveness. With its rich experience in dealing with a number of international clients from the luxury segment, the creative and event agency M2Communications has secured a prominent position in the region.



“In the organization of each event our mission is to take the guests on an unexpected journey, transpose them to another dimension and make them active participants of an exciting story. The goal is to experience the brand and create close relationship with the customers, and in the luxury segment, an important aspect is the strengthening of the brand’s prestigious position”, explains Miro Antić, the founder and partner in the M2Communications agency and the man responsible for introducing new standards in the area of event production in this part of Europe.


M2C agency has planned events for luxury brands such as BMW, Rolls-Royce, Porto Montenegro, Portonovi, Mercedes-Benz, SevenFriday, Alfa Romeo, Frey Wille. eir strategy is focused on creating an authentic experience, quality interaction, exclusivity and emotion. ey are known for their carefully conceived events which are perfectly produced and push the boundaries in the conceptual and technological sense.


Spectacular events hosted at luxurious venues such as Porto Montenegro, or VIP premiere of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre as a tribute to the history of Mercedes-Benz and futuristic fantasy of creation of the most advanced car, are unique in our region. On the other hand, launching of the Swiss watch brand SevenFriday is a good example of how superb promotion of a luxury brand does not need to be supported by large budgets.



The sense of prestige, with a touch of elegance and a bit of spectacle all help create the WOW effect, with which the M2Communications agency team likes to play, making the distinction between a “memorable event” and an “event that was all right.” The materialization of a brand’s endless capacity to surprise even the most faithful clientele is part of a successful execution.


Aware that their work is setting new standards in domestic market, but also optimistic about being able to follow the world trends, at least when creative expression is concerned, they left their personal mark in building the SAM Gala brand – a gala dinner of the Serbian Association of Managers celebrating the end of the year and giving away annual awards. Very quickly this event has come to be viewed as one of the most prestigious business gatherings, carrying with great success the responsibility of being named GALA which is linked to the most exclusive events.


“The future of modern communication is in the creation of powerful and unique experiences that will mainly contribute to the brand experience and reputation.” points out Miro Antić and recalls that “the speed at which trends are changing is impressive, while the execution is becoming more and more remarkable.” Luxury industry is certainly one which provides boundless inspiration and raises our expectations.


Business & Luxury, Q2 2017


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