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M2Communications is in the finals with two projects for the Event of the Year at Eventiada IPRA festival in Moscow


Following nominations in two categories at BEA World, two M2Communications projects from 2019 have reached the finals at the Eventiada IPRA Festival, which is being maintained on November 12, 2019.



The first nomination is for the 2019 Coca-Cola HBC Kick-Off, a project that introduced the 24/7 Coca-Cola City concept. By simulating the subway, a panorama of skyscrapers, neon advertisements, and replicas of authentic American restaurants from the 60’s, participants were given the opportunity to feel the special experience of the large overseas metropolitan areas during one Belgrade night. More than 120 members of the production team participated in creating the atmosphere of this imaginary city, and the participants were given a unique opportunity to learn, socialize, inform and network.



The second nomination is for the ambitious Western Digital Digital Summit 2019 regional conference – realized for the Government of the Republic of Serbia, held in the Palace of Serbia building, which was attended by about 4000 participants and over 200 speakers from thirty countries. It was a big challenge for the M2Communications creative team, especially adapting the interior of the building for a spectacular three-day audio-visual experience, taking place in three halls at a time. The rich program was complemented by the presence of globally famous robots Sofia and Titan, and for the first time in the region, was introduced the Immersive Room – which provides attendees with the effect of ‘immersion’ into the futuristic world. Over 370 members of the production team were in charge of the organization.


Both nominations are in the Event of the Year category and the awards will be announced on 12/11/2019. at the Gala Dinner at the Rossiya Segodnya Press Center in Moscow.


Since 2011, the IPRA Golden World Awards Festival, organized by the Global IPRA GWA, has been awarding international campaigns for global brands from in Eastern Europe, the countries of the former USSR and Central Asia. Thirteen countries are competing for the awards this year: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. The nomination criteria are determined by an international IPRA jury and are based on production standards, innovative approach, and quality.


M2Communications also participated in the Eventiada IPRA Festival last year, where it was awarded in the Marketing Communications category for the project to launch the new 2018 BMW model X3.

M2Communications agency in the final in two categories for the most prestigious award in the world

The M2Communications Agency has reached the finals in two categories at the BEA World Festival with the Western Digital Digital Conference 2019.

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Miro Antic is Nominee of Global Competition for the Most Influential People in the Event Industry

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