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Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Non-Aligned Movement in the creative performance of M2Communications



At the place where it all began, 60 years later, the anniversary of the first conference of the Non-Aligned Movement was marked. This high diplomatic gathering was held at the Belgrade Fair on October 11 and 12, and one of the most important tasks belonged to the M2C team.


On this occasion, Belgrade hosted over 100 foreign delegations, including presidents and 40 foreign ministers. Co-organizers of this year’s conference of the Non-Aligned Movement, Serbia and Azerbaijan had the opportunity to welcome delegations in a solemn and impressive ambience.



The event was officially opened with an audio-visual spectacle, animation that was integrated by mapping on the floor in the central part of the hall, on four large LED screens and a special installation above the delegate table made of transparent LED screens. The art directorate of the 60th anniversary is based on the motifs of watercolors, which, by melting and changing colors, evoked the story of the origin of the Non-Aligned Movement, history and symbols, as well as the goals they strive for in the future.


Special attention was drawn to the impressive installation in the main hall, on an area of ​​as much as 220 square meters. The installation consisted of wildlife full of flowers and greenery, which symbolized the Serbian landscape.


The M2Communications agency directed the TV and broadcast and live streaming of the two-day meeting, and the signal was taken over by national television, news agencies and media from the country, the region and the world.


Participants in the production and organization of the event: BeoExpo System, Skymusic Production, Bulb Creation, Pozitiv MVP, Freeline Studio, Ivan Aran Studio, Prosound and video production NEO – New Entertainment Office.

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