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Our conquest of Mars!

m2c | Our conquest of Mars!

“Expedition to Mars” is a new conceptual project designed by M2Communications for BMW and Delta Motors company.



The ‘expedition’ aimed at exploring the Red Planet and showcasing the new BMW X3 rallied over 600 ‘members’.


This futuristic event, which took place at Belgrade’s BelExpo Centre on 28 November 2017, was attended by VIPs, BMW aficionados and numerous media representatives.



Members of the expedition had an opportunity to experience a cosmic journey from Planet Earth to the Red Planet’s Southern hemisphere.


Visitors were welcomed by space stewardesses who took them on a space shuttle trip. The adventure began with the space shuttle travelling through a tunnel designed to resemble the interior of a space ship. The cosmic journey was conjured up by LED screen video animations, sound effects and special effects.


The ambience and set design were inspired by the surface of the Red Planet and science fiction motifs. The Mars panorama was conjured up by 8K projection on the largest screen ever installed at an event in Serbia (37x5m).



The key segment of the event started with a video message from the BMW research centre on planet Earth that announced the arrival of the Explorer One space shuttle with brand new BMW X3 models. An animation depicting the landing of the space shuttle at the BMW space station on Mars was accompanied by special effects and communication between the mission commander and mission control. The event culminated with the opening of the space shuttle door and a spectacular landing of BMW X3 cars on stage.



The event continued with the first interplanetary party featuring the “Girls, Boys and Toys” band. The space was decorated with three futuristic domes depicting research stations: the Test Drive Station (VR activation X3 Exploring Mars), Memories from Mars (chroma key photos from Mars) and Microgravity Bar.


The BMW X3 launch mission was accomplished successfully and the first ‘expedition’ to Mars was a unique and memorable experience to all its ‘members’.



Misija lansiranja BMW X3 je uspešno završena, a prva ekspedicija na Mars je predstavljala jedinstveno i nezaboravno iskustvo za sve njene članove.



Expedicija na Mars #2

In our next mission we’ll go beyond the known world!

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