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Another production from the list of Serbian classics, the film “Taiwan Canasta”, was digitally restored as part of the A1 Kinoteka project. The official screening of the film was held on November 15th in the premises of the Jugoslovenska kinoteka with the presence of part of the film crew, and due to great interest, in addition to the main “Makavejev” cinema hall, guests could watch the screening from two additional halls.


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Before the screening, the EKV Tribute band performed, which is a kind of homage to the former famous Yugoslav group Ekaterina velika, which contributed to the composition and performance of the original music for the film.

“Taiwan canasta” was signed by our renowned director Goran Marković, and this film is his fourth film that has been digitally restored under the auspices of the A1 Kinoteka project.

This drama with elements of humor, filmed in 1985, describes a lost individual lost in the world in which he lives, engrossed in the creation of moving sculptures. The Taiwan canasta satirically and bitterly described the structure and character of the entire society at that time.

The premiere of the digitally restored film was held at the Jugoslovenska kinoteka in Belgrade, and more than 250 guests were able to witness live the original mrdalice, authored by Milija Nešić. Each of these interesting wooden installations describes certain phenomena and values ​​of modern consumer society.

Our creative team was entrusted with the creation of the conceptual concept as well as the complete realization and production of this event.

We are proud to have supported the visibility of the A1 Kinoteka project and the effort to restore film productions that have been declared a cultural asset of great importance.