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In a time of uncertainty and an unprecedented challenge for the event industry, in a time outside of mass gatherings, we turned to organize events in an online environment. Virtual and hybrid events have become an indispensable part of today.

Webiz, a conference on new technologies, innovations and IT entrepreneurship, was held in 2020 for the eighth time. It was this year that Webiz experienced its upgrade responding to all the challenges.


Event Design & Production

Video Production



The online conference included four key segments: Fintech, E-commerce, Gaming and Martech, which were presented in two days of a unique virtual conference attended by 38 speakers in over 15 presentations and panels. In terms of production, the event pushed the boundaries. This level of organization and new experience in the online environment was seen for the first time in this area.

• Full 3D environment adapted to real time streaming
• Custom made 3D animated studio
• Realistic shooting angles
• Over 25 people in the executive realization of the event

The virtual studio is equipped with six Full HD cameras which precisely map the positions in order to achieve a realistic viewing angle in relation to the 3D environment. Conference streaming is supported by technological tools for real-time inclusion of speakers from specific locations directly in the virtual screen of 3D studios, as well as solutions for interaction with the audience, such as Q&A and live polls software. The production center was a director stationed in a separate building in relation to the studio. The production team managed each segment of event organization and streaming, monitoring the event on 30 control monitors.

The conference was watched by a total of over 4,273 spectators online. On the first day 1,851, and the second 2,422 spectators, with an average viewership of over 400 unique viewers per hour.

Virtual events may be a current market need, but with creativity, adequate technology and the creation of a unique online experience, they can become a relevant segment of event production.