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Creating a global campaign for Amazfit was a thrilling and demanding project, primarily due to the tight timeline. The task was to present the Amazfit Balance smartwatch and its revolutionary technology in a fun and accessible way, highlighting its role in making people more active, healthier, and mobile.

The journey began with an inspiring, international pitch. We designed a campaign that would resonate across multiple markets and languages, which won us the pitch. From brainstorming to the final approved script, we developed at least eight different commercials. Once the client selected the final script, we meticulously refined each scene to ensure clear and accurate communication across cultures, as the ad would have a global audience.

The creative concept of the campaign centered around showcasing the practical, everyday use of Amazfit’s revolutionary AI-integrated smartwatch. The narrative followed a young, energetic individual who, with the help of the device’s intuitive suggestions and practical functions, navigated daily challenges with ease. This transformed Amazfit from a simple smartwatch into an indispensable ally for the urban lifestyle.

Art direction was at the heart of our creative process. To achieve the highest quality, we brought in a Cannes Lion-winning director of photography. Alongside our talented actors, directors, and production team, we used state-of-the-art equipment and technology to shoot the commercial in stunning 8K resolution.

The TV commercial was only part of our comprehensive strategy. We produced several shorter versions of the video to maintain a cohesive online identity and bolster Amazfit’s social media presence. To ensure the campaign’s consistency across various media channels, we also shot a series of lifestyle photos.

The timing was crucial. We aligned the campaign with major summer sporting events like the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games to maximize visibility.

Despite the ten-week timeline, we delivered a polished TV commercial, several short social media videos, and a series of lifestyle photos. The campaign, initially produced in English and dubbed into four other languages, is currently airing on sports channels in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, with plans for further expansion during the Paris Olympics. Digitally, the campaign is active in numerous additional countries.

The Amazfit international team expressed great satisfaction with our collaboration, the speed of our creative work, and the overall project organization. Our team thrived in the international environment, appreciating the diverse perspectives on humor, film, and language.

The campaign successfully presented the smartwatch, Amazfit Balance, as a necessary companion for urban life, meeting the client’s expectations and showcasing the product’s innovative capabilities. It is also the fastest advertising campaign in our portfolio. It testifies that we are open to different types of cooperation and that we successfully respond to really big challenges.